Saturday, May 23, 2009

nummy nums

oh man! i happened upon some major deals today. fry's had some spectacular manager's specials on baby food. i usually get discouraged by the lack of coupons on baby food, but today sure made up for it. because i am so amazed, i want to share what i found. i do not want this to turn into a blog about grocery shopping, but since it ties so well into yesterday's post i am making an exception. behold!

2 boxes organic store brand cheererios - .99 each
6 sets of gerber fruit purees - .39 each
1 canister of nestles good start powder soy formula - 4.00
3 bottles of similac advance liquid formula - .75 each
3 bottles gerber dinner purees - .17 each
1 4pk gerber organic apple juice - 1.69
2 4pk gerber yogurt juice - .75 and 1.49
4 bottles beechnut juice - .25 each
total: $16.01

that total is typically the price of one canister of powder formula so you can understand why it was too awesome not to share. i only used one coupon (one that printed out with my recipe) but was a little sad that i did not have my 4 dollar coupon for nestles good start handy. how cool would that have been to get a whole canister of formula for free? oh well. one day i will get over it. you may be wondering why the formula was so discounted. i figure that they are being phased out by new and improved models - similac advance now has exciting new label with a silver shield on it and good start soy has gotten some other upgrade. i am okay with this if it means that i may just have enough formula to get baby to the year mark without having to buy anymore or having to pay a lot for it.
side note- it was a shame that my 3 weeks of some virus or another affected my milk supply, but this sale has lessened the blow on our finances. i am really glad baby doesn't seem to care as long as it is some form of milk. and sorry if that was tmi -end side note.

i should also mention that i found baby's favorite gerber pacifiers for .85 and i took advantage of the diaper promotion again purchasing about 146 diapers for 26.28 (.18 a diaper). he now has back up pacifiers and plenty of diapers to soil. saving money is like a work out for me because i am very tired. it was a great day. and i probably won't want to go shopping for a few weeks if i can get away with it.

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Blueyedmle said...

I was in sticker shock and very sad when I lost my milk cause of my little vaca in the hospital for a week. I finally took my friends advice and got signed up for wic. I know, not very glam but I couldn't have paid for his formula otherwise. But at 1 year WIC stops the formula and starts with Whole milk. Its something to think about... or was that TMI?