Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Modular Love

While I was excited to share the fireplace yesterday, I am even more excited to share what is on the wall above the fireplace.

Many months ago, I stumbled upon a post of some 3d paper wall art made by Marsha over at Three Nation.

This piece is very reminiscent of the modular origami I dabbled in while going through a HUGE origami phase* when I was younger. It became my mission to make my own 3d wall art.

After some quality research via google, and what seemed like hours of folding, I came up with a prototype.

That prototype turned into the large piece in what I'd like to call a 3 piece art instillation  No glue or tape was needed to hold them together, but I did mount them all on cardboard to make them easier to put on the wall.

Whenever someone comes to the house, they usually share what they see in the pieces - much like seeing shapes in clouds. The most common items seen are armadillos and deep sea fish. I can dig it.

A big thank you to TheZocar for providing a video demonstrating how to make sonobe units. The kid knows his stuff.

*Around age 12, I may or may not have attempted to make 1000 paper cranes like Sadako. I also may or may not have only made 42 before I got distracted by something else.

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