Monday, February 10, 2014


January was a mighty productive month.

Progress for January:
-Painted the entryway
-Attended the temple twice, including the Gilbert temple open house
-Purchased a extensive meal plan for our dietary modifications and am in the process of weeding through them to find 14 meals to put into regular circulation
-shot 3 rolls of film with the newest camera in my collection
-Participated with the Project Ten Challenge for January
-Bought a ukelele and learned to play one song with 3 chords
-Submitted 1 photo to the Beesley Project
-Gone to the gym, but not consistently each week
-Spent time with the Boy for 15 minutes on some days, but it is proving to be harder than anticipated
-Had friends over for dinner one night, so I could that as social.
-Date night twice!

This list is vague, but I assure you there are posts to come to share more info.

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Amy said...

I'm excited to check in with your goals each month! Way to go Lydia!!