Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blue's Clues Party

This party occurred back in October and I couldn't go another day without posting the pictures. The event was planned by the same momma that put together the joint Wild Things party last year. This year it was Blue's Clues themed for just her youngest. And boy did she deliver a good time again. Honestly, I absolutely love photographing the parties she plans. The attention to detail is what blows me away. Any party I plan consists of a cake (or brownies as the case has been) and I call it good. She does everything from the themed cake to activities to homemade pinata. Basically she is an amazing party planner. Without further ado, pictures of the magic.

Birthday boy

The activities included handy dandy notebooks and coloring,

Cookie decorating,

More importantly cookie eating and frosting quality control tasting,

Stick the party hat on Blue,

Finding all three clues to see what Blue wanted the last activity to be,

Hitting/Attacking the pinata with gusto/mad hops,

Reaping the booty of a pinata destruction,

Blowing out bithday candles,

Eating cake,

And enjoying the consequences of missing naptime.

Again it was awesome. The Boy thought it was the best party he had ever been to and could not stop talking about it for days. It inspired his Halloween costume, actually. Thanks again for inviting us, G Family!


Teachinfourth said...

Theme parties are always a blast...

mackyton said...

Your son is just super cute!! Sounds like you had an extremely wonderful time on his birthday. My daughter is also going to turn 2 years old next month. I have been looking for a local party planner that can help me in organizing the huge party at event venue. I hope I’ll find the planner soon.