Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 21

Today is just about working it. Not in the call girl sense, but in the confidence sense just to clarify. I decided to wear the skirt that I've grown to love during the challenge and the dress that I think was a shirt in another life. The picture does not do justice to how good I felt in this ensemble. It is more of an average of how I felt in these clothes and how I felt in these shoes. Because I was at church, they fit the outfit better, and it was only for the morning, I wore these dress shoes instead of the pink ones. Know that my feet were DYING because these shoes are not broken in. At least they are cute, right?

 shirt: thrifted dress, skirt: made by me, shoes: target

I've enjoyed participating in this challenge. It felt good having a purpose to get dressed everyday beyond chasing the Boy around. While I think I did pretty good overall pushing outside of my comfort zone, I think I was a limited by the ridiculous weather around here. This could be a fun challenge to revisit in cooler months where pants, layers, and cardigans can roam free.


Kayla said...

Lydia! You look amazing! The skirt makes your waist look tiny, the purple looks fab with your skin, and those shoes are darling. Bravo and a bonus point for you, my friend!

Freckles in April

Unknown said...

wow you certainly are workin it! you look amazing. good job Lydia!

SeƱora H-B said...

I love this whole outfit. The purple is awesome. I love the belt.

The end. :)

Sarah in Indiana said...

The shoes are, totally cute. Great outfit! Tour hair looks nice worn down, too.

Flying Princess said...

I LOVE the purple. I have a shirt like that, which I love, too since it has a yoke and extra fabric for bigger parts of the body.

We could be twinners, or at least sisters.

dusanabotswana said...

Love the high waisted skirt on you, so flattering! This bright color is great on you too, you look so pretty & love to hear that it made you feel great (minus the uncomfy other shoes), always the most important.