Friday, May 22, 2009

nothing i like more friday - saving money and coupons

i get a major high from finding a good deal on something i need and want. recently i have discovered the joys of using coupons in my weekly grocery shopping. i have only dabbled in coupon-ing, but i am looking to go pro. there are blogs that i have read in the past where a hundred dollars worth of groceries cost twenty bucks all due to coupons and shopping the sales. i aspire to be in the same league as those shoppers. tonight i went grocery shopping and used $10.50 in coupons. four items that i purchased ended up being free with the corresponding coupon. that was pretty cool, but the real high was getting $4.50 off of a 84 pack of diapers. that was pretty sweet. mom laughs at me because i get so jazzed about grocery shopping, but i love manipulating our food budget.

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Blueyedmle said...

This is a favorite for me too!!! One time I had $85 worth of groceries for $30. I figured that was worth the effort.