Monday, May 25, 2009

so you think you can dance

i have been watching old episodes of so you thing you can dance, but since i have never seen them they are new to me. it has been hard for me to watch this show when it is on tv because husband could not care less about it and we usually watch tv together in the evenings. last season (4) had this interesting number that the choreographer described as a tim burton wedding. it was amazing! i love how off kilter it is. the face pulling part remind me of beetlejuice. plus i would not mind dancing in that dress. it was an added bonus because i think that mark and chelsie are a fantastic match up. mark reminds me of adrien brody and that may add to the fact that he is my favorite so far.

and speaking of beetlejuice, i really enjoy the end of that film. not only is there a character named lydia, but she get to dance with football ghosts up in the air. i wouldn't mind getting that sort of reward for getting an a on a math test.

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