Friday, March 8, 2013

Hot Diggity Dog

I love hot dogs. Maybe too much. My friends tease about it. Whatever. Hot dogs get a bad rep as being cheap and gross. With the right toppings, an ordinary hot dog can go from white trashy to super classy.

My top favorite hot dog is the Sonoran Dog. It is basically a hot dog wrapped in bacon covered with taco filling. My first exposure was at El Guero Canelo down in Tucson. On a scale from garbage to awesome, it was a party in my mouth. Since that time I've sampled other locations and tried to recreate one myself.

I made this one.

My other top favorite is the Chicago Dog. Picture all the best hamburger fixings on a hot dog. I first tried it at Chompies. Just about every time I have gone back to that delicatessen, which is alot, I have order their Chicago Dog. Sonic and Freddy's offer decent ones. This one is easy to recreate, and I have on many occasions.

From the Chompie's in Tempe

I have a dream to have a gourmet hot dog party. Or start a club, kind of like the Finer Things Club, to talk about and taste different topping combos. There is even a pin board I've dedicated to other hot dogs to try.

Who else loves hot dogs? Would you come to a hot dog party? Or join a gourmet hot dog club?


Anonymous said...

Oooh I love hot dogs! I am even a sucker for the good ol' polish dogs at Costco. SO cheap too! Amazing. I spent a Summer working in Downtown Chicago and experienced all it's hot dog glory on a weekly basis. Portillo's made my life (and you probably already know they have opened one in the valley recently!). I LOVE dousing them with mustard, minced fresh onion, jalapenos (or any kind of peppers), ketchup, tomato wedges.. You name it! Chilli Dogs are up there on the list too. I'm really glad to have found someone who shares my love for gourmet hot dogs and doesn't think it's gross!

Siri Natalia said...

I may or may not have drooled while reading this post! :) Oh and one place you have to go some day: Puka Dog - Hawaiian Hot Dogs (two words: mind blowing)