Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Birthday Food

Last Thursday was my birthday, so in honor of the occasion I got to eat some delicious and photogenic food. I'd like to talk about it all before all the Thanksgiving festivities.

First off, the Boy and I went out for lunch on my actual birthday. I thought of all the places I have wanted to go to eat and decided on Joe's Farm Grill. And lucky me, upon arrival I learned that they give a $10 discount toward your meal on your day of birth. Score! The Boy and I shared a Sonoran dog, fruit cup, and dark chocolate malt.

After lunch, we headed next door to The Coffee Shop to get ourselves a coconut cupcake. That place has amazing stuff.

Friday, after going to the Desert Botanical Garden, I wanted to take advantage of the holiday drink special at Starbucks. The Boy and I wanted someone else to join in our celebration this time, so we convinced Dad to join in. We got Peppermint hot chocolate and Salted Carmel hot chocolate for the price of one. Then we headed over to Dunkin Donuts for some pastries. Can I just say their selection is lacking for a donut place? I needed more sprinkles and butterscotch.

That evening, Husband and I went out for dinner. While driving around (I couldn't think of a place to eat because I was distracted my regret brought on by a set of avocado Pyrex bowls that I passed up at Goodwill), I saw a pizza place that looked promising. It was fate that we found Picazzo's. We ordered their Chicken & Chipotle pizza was perfect.

The celebration ended Sunday night when Mom and Dad had us over for dinner and cake. Ever since the Boy realized my birthday was approaching, he and Mom have been talking about making a camera cake for me. I'm not a fan of cake (the cupcake mentioned above was a stretch for me), so Mom made a brownie camera for me. It was yummy and punny.

I love birthdays and any other reason to eat and photograph delicious.

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