Thursday, October 29, 2009

eat your heart out thursday - el guero canelo

while in tucson, we ate a fantastic mexican food place. el guero canelo is known for their hot dogs wrapped in bacon smothered in all things fantastic - like an amazing taco hot dog. they offer other things like actual tacos and amazing quesadillas. most items are served with the bare basics - meat and maybe one topping. any other desired toppings are available at a salad bar. i love that part of el guero canelo because i enjoy piling on as much pico de gallo as possible. i cannot say enough how good the food tastes. originally husband and i just ordered a hot dog and tacos, but after consuming those pretty quickly i insisted that we share a large quesadilla. i tend to over eat when we are at yummy resturants that we rarely visit, especially when a doggy bag is not an option. i feel the need to pack in the great food to tide me over until the next time i am able to eat the food again. el guero canelo definitely had me feeling the need to pack in the good stuff. i hope to find something in the phoenix area that can rival it, but until then i will dream about tacos piled to the sky with pico de gallo.

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Publius said...

Agreed. As a matter of fact, Rigby just used his phone to call them up and tell them they should open one in the Valley. Yep. Too bad you missed that.