Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 6

"Not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed" -

Today's prompt is about being unconventional. When I first read the prompt yesterday, I wanted to wear a shirt as a skirt. This was fine in theory, but I could not execute it. Husband only has 2 long sleeve button up shirts, and neither one wanted to cooperate. After a moment of defeat, one of Husband's short sleeve shirts called out to me and I figured a woman wearing a man's shirt in a dressy and feminine manner could be considered unconventional. Is this use entirely original and creative? No, but I am sure whoever created this shirt did not intend for me to wear it as I have. As a bonus, Husband's shirt is very breezy which is very nice in this ridiculous August heat.

shirt: prana (gifted to husband), skirt: fossil (gifted to me), belt: marshall's - came with pants, shoes: reef

Now that I have today's challenge out of the way, I am going to focus on tomorrow's beast. For most I assume it will be easy, but for me it presents a bit of an extra challenge.

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Sarah in Indiana said...

Look at you--no belting for years, then two in two days.