Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 5

If you like it then you better put a belt on it. Oh oh oh.

Today's prompt is about using a belt. I haven't worn a belt in years, so it was time to make use of one of my 3 belts living in my dresser. To execute the outfit I saw in my head, I had to alter the belt a bit and add new holes. A big thanks to Husband's Leatherman and a meat thermometer that made the alteration possible.

dress: thrifted (remix piece), skirt: rue 21, belt: thrifted and altered

Unfortunately, I don't own any shoes that worked with this look. Any suggestions? Maybe some cowboy boots?


Flying Princess said...

The girls like the cowboy boot idea.

Alicia said...

This is really cute. I admire you for taking this challenge, because it's totally not something I could do. I am too lazy! But you look adorable. For shoes... black ballet flats?

Natalie said...

Ha, I knew my post's title wouldn't be the only Gaga reference! I'd say cowboy boots for shoes or the black flats previously suggested. Love the look though.

Natalie said...

Um, yeah. Pop culture epic fail... definitely Beyonce. Sorry!

Penny said...

wow, layering a dress over a skirt works so well here!in the beginning I thought it was one item until I read the caption :)
I still haven't tried this out, I hope I will have an opportunity during this challenge, I have tried so many new things already!
I would easily wear it with black flats or black mary janes or cowboy boots as well!