Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 7

"I'm not playing. I'm accessorizing."

Today's prompt is about layering accessories. When it comes to accessories, I don't have many. Since we moved, I seem to have less because I've misplaced a few. This is fine for most days, but not good for this challenge. Somehow I scrounged up two necklaces that looked okay together and made it possible to participate today.

shirt: target, undershirt: downeast basics, shorts: areopostale, shoes: urban outfitters

heart necklace: borrowed from mom, other necklace: gift from foreign land

While searching for stuff, the Boy even decided that he wanted to accessorize. In a manly way, of course.

*I've been blessed to have Husband around to take the photos this weekend. It is so much nicer than using the timer.*

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