Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 13

Today I'm neutral with a pop of color. With my crazy day, I went for comfort, so my favorite go-to shoes are my pop of color. If you've paid attention, I've worn them the majority of this challenge so far. That's true to life. I bought them for our wedding, but didn't wear them because they gave me blisters. After getting married, I gave them another shot and lined the heel with moleskin. Now they are my favorite shoes. I wish I had more in every color, but Urban Outfitters isn't selling them anymore. Boo.

Excuse the disheveled look. I had a photo shoot outside in the heat, with a mini burst of dust storm, and a mostly uncooperative 2 year old. All things considered, I think I look great.

shirt: h&m, undershirt: shade, skirt: downeast basics, shoes: urban outfitters

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