Friday, August 26, 2011

Hello There! House: A Home and Garden Event

Since we bought our house, there have been a few areas that I've been needing a little extra help figuring out what to do and how to get it done. When I learned about the Home and Garden Event coming up in October, it sounded like something I wanted to be a part of. When I learned they were having a ticket giveaway, I knew I needed to jump on it. There are 3 major areas of my home that need help and I'm hoping attending this event will help me get a hold on at least one, if not all of them.

Reading Room:

This is the formal dining room that I'm turning into a reading room/library. There are a few ideas that I've been thinking about, but nothing solid. Maybe a window bench? Maybe a credenza or 5x1 expedit shelf in front of window? Armchair? Modern rocking chair? Color scheme? Who knows just yet.

Goodwill Chairs:

I bought both chairs for a total of $18 at Goodwill a while back. They have great bones and style, but are covered in original nasty velvet. Any direction on reupholstering them would be helpful, even just what type of fabric to look for would be great.


Husband and I have grand ideas of having lots of fruit/citrus tress in out backyard and also a garden. Since this direction would be new to this landscape, I'd love to hear options.

Here is more info on the event. Fingers crossed that I can win the tickets!


Alicia said...

I hope you win! SO, one thing I will say with citrus is make sure they will work well in your climate. Some need more cold vs. heat and may not grow as well. My MIL fertilizes hers once a year and finds that her fruit is much plumper/juicier when she does.

Those chairs are cute! I have a friend who recently made her own slipcover for her couch. Directions are here:
It looks pretty amazing and I think you could probably apply some of the same principles.

My dad does auto upholstery and he'll take all the seat covers apart with a seam ripper and use the pieces as a pattern to recover the seats. It sounds easy but... furniture is a bit different in that you need to do a lot more stapling. Also, if you go this route make sure you remember/write down where all the pieces belong!

Good luck! I miss you!

Alicia said...

Oh yeah, and same girl also did a wingback chair slipcover. Here's the link:

hello there! house said...

Lydia, your post is awesome! You have such great potential for your home projects! I especially love the reading room- I'm sure it will be awesome!