Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dogtown Chili Dogs

Last week the Boy and I went to Downtown Tempe with Husband's Dad. To be quite honest, it was pretty depressing walking down Mill. At least 3 shops that were open on Valentine's Day were completely empty. There was some silver lining to the adventure, though, in the form of a hot dog. Off of Mill, in the back of a building we found Dogtown Chili Dogs. The food was delicious!

The Boy's basic dog

Husband's Dad's Sauerkraut dog

My Mexican dog

Tamales were on the menu, too. Husband's Dad got 2 beef ones.

The Boy loved sharing the bread with the birds. And terrorizing the birds. And threatening to eat the bread once he threw it on the ground.


Jen said...

Can I have a weekly date with you guys too? I quit my job, and a person can only watch so much Veronica Mars before she feels a little ashamed that she hasn't left the house in 48 hours.

Teachinfourth said...

Burgs and doesn't get any better.