Tuesday, February 15, 2011

St. Valentine

Our celebration started on Sunday - dedicating it to my bro in Detroit on his birthday - with a delicious dinner and lovely dessert with my parents.

Then last night, Husband and I went out on the town. Downtown Tempe to be exact. Husband knows what I like, because he planned for us to go to Slices. This was my favorite place to eat in high school. It never fails to deliver - great pizza and Jones soda. Speaking of Jones soda, our fortunes were the following: "Time is prime to play a hunch" and "Drive more slowly." So there is that.

After dinner we roamed around Urban Outfitters. I thought I would only get to look around a little bit before Husband grew tired of the trendy air. But! He let me stare longingly at the overpriced camera display, make a mental list of all the things I want in my future house from the housing section, debate whether or not I needed anything from the clearance section, make false claims that I had to have every sparkly item in the store (gold shoes, makeup, etc), and laugh out loud while flipping through all the ridiculous books as long as I wanted. It was awesome. Plus there was a Chuck Norris "fact" book that he found to read. Win win.

For dessert, we headed to Starbucks. There was another coffee shop I had in mind, but I couldn't find it. Apparently Mill Ave has changed a lot since 2004. Whatever. At Starbucks, we ordered a Salt Carmel Hot Chocolate to share and a mini pink donut. The cashier asked for a name to put on our order. Husband mentioned that we were sharing it and the cashier decided he wanted to combine our names like Brangelina. You should have seen how pleased this guy was when he yelled "Adlina" when our cocoa was done. Priceless.

We stopped at my parents house to pick up the Boy before heading home. It appeared that he was in heaven getting to watch Cars, play with toy cars, and eat cookies with Grandma and Papa. He didn't want to leave while there were still cookies to eat.

P.S. The hot cocoa was AH-MAZING!


Meghan Kelsey said...

what an awesome day!! You described Urban too perfectly. I love the fortunes too, haha!

Anna said...

Awww reading this was just what I needed right now. I am feeling the winter chill and needed a little mental walk around Tempe. Thanks!