Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Official Toddler

My favorite little Boy is 2 today! This is definitely the funnest age. In honor of his special day, here is a little survey of his current favorites.

Music: "Bayer" or John Mayer's Room for Squares

Book: "Moon" or Goodnight Moon

Past time: "Papa! Appie! Bus! Car!" or Sitting outside Grandpa's house watching airplanes, the Orbit, and cars go by.

Food: "Ceral" or Oatmeal

Toy: "Puzle" or Alphabet puzzle and letter flashcards

Color: "Purpo" or I think it is because it is the only color he consistently identifies properly





Teachinfourth said...

Happy birthing day to you. Heaven knows that two years ago you had to do most of the work.

Amy said...

can't believe he's already 2!!