Monday, August 2, 2010

No Way

For the past two Sundays in a row, a GINORMOUS beetle has been hanging out in my parent's front yard. The first time the Boy saw it, he ran away yelling, repeatedly, "No way!" What would your response be?

at least 2" long... seriously!

Yesterday when he saw it again, and was securely in my arms, he was a little more calm about the whole thing. Since his first run in with this beetle, every time he sees anything that may (or may not) resemble a bug (note: piece of lent) he says "Bug!" and stays clear. It has been interesting.


Iris said...

I'm pretty positive that is the same beetle that hangs out by my apartment, or at the very least they are related. They are nasty!

Heather!! said...

YIKES BIKESSSSS--no way, indeed.

Teachinfourth said...

I would have offered him five dollars to pick it up. 10 to eat it.

Yeah, I'm a pretty cool uncle.