Monday, March 8, 2010

Phoenix Zoo

Last week Baby and I had the pleasure of visiting the Phoenix Zoo with Meghan and her kids. We all had fun in the petting zoo area. The kids were able to run around and interact with some goats in the process. The zoo has a lot to offer for little kids to do, but we didn't do much on this visit. It turned out that everyone and their school had field-tripped to the zoo that same day and it made me a little anxious. Baby was on top of his independence game and in serious need of a nap, so our stay was short. Thanks again to Meghan for inviting us! Hopefully we will have many more adventures with you and your kidlets.


The Dream Team

Staring contest - you, me - go!

"Mom, that goat over there totally pooped right in front of that group of school kids. How rude!"

"Please do your business in the privacy of your own stall or poo corner. No one wants to see that. Capishe?"


Heather!! said...

HOW fun!!

Adam said...

"You win. You always do. That's why I come up here..."

Meggy said...

Haha! I love this. Thank you!