Monday, October 5, 2009

on the town monday - children's museum of phoenix part ii

as you will recall, i wrote about this place before. i was taking pictures of kids playing before, and this time i took baby to play. and i took pictures. the point of this second post is to talk about how amazing it is for a child under the age of 3 to party it up.

there is a room on the 3rd floor specially made for the under 3 age group. they basically have all the activities from the rest of the museum accounted for but on a smaller scale and age appropriate. and there are gates located at each entryway to keep little ones form running away. for a mom who has a baby who loves to be independent in public and not hold hands while they explore every nook and cranny of a new place, it is a dream.

baby loves balls of every shape and size. he loves throwing them. in the big kid area of the museum, they had golf balls, wooden balls, and others that are hard and don't bounce when thrown. in the little kid area there were large exercise balls and the balls that are normally found in ball pits. the little kid area was obviously the best choice for baby. he cannot resist throwing them, especially when stairs are involved.


Dani said...

That's one thing I hate about not living back home, they have SO MANY awesome kids things to do for free or cheap. I'm going to have to remember this place next summer when we have a good vacation.

Heather!! said...

i want to drive over and day date you guys, seriously, you go to cool spots.