Monday, August 24, 2009

on the town monday - children's museum of phoenix

on saturday, i was able to tag along with sarah and take pictures for the dsnetwork. she was taking pictures for their calendar fundraiser. i was there to take candid pictures of the kids as they played. the museum was amazing! all the activities available there were so fun! we ended up hanging out on the 3rd floor the whole time, so i only saw a small part of the place, but it was fun. the bonus was meeting such sweet kids! if you have the means, i highly recommend taking a trip to check this place out.

there was a room with so many marble/ball machines.

another room had play kitchens and toy ovens to make pizza!

another room was set up like a grocery store with carts, aisles, and cash registers.

and my favorite room was the one for kids 3 years and younger. it was a gated area with lots of activities where crawling and barely walking kiddos can do with ease. i cannot wait to take baby there to explore.

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