Monday, July 13, 2009

on the town monday - asu art museum

before bro boarded a plane to head back home, baby and i took him to the asu art museum family fun day. most of the extra activities that were going on were for kids under the age of 10, but bro really seemed to enjoy all the art on display. he also liked the free ice tea samples. i was a big fan of the raspberry mix tea. too bad i cannot think of the brand. it was quality. anyway, there were some pretty awesome pieces there - like what looked like a bathroom wall but had steak/muscle as innards. in the actual food exhibit there was a lot of stuff by one artist that liked to include frogs in basically everything. i loved the experience and it was a nice sized art museum to visit with baby. he started losing it when we had seen everything. plus it was admission is always free!

free postcards of a few display paintings

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