Saturday, July 11, 2009

earn some gift cards

i am a stay at home mom. this was a decision husband and i made because we did not feel good about leaving baby with a sitter/nanny/daycare if it weren't absolutely necessary. now i love doing projects, but hate spending family money to fund them. i like the idea of adding money to the bank on behalf of our family financial goals, not taking money out.

with all that said, i present to you a way i have found to make a few dollars here and there to fund my hobbies and interest.

i love gift cards. i especially enjoy ones to places where i can buy just about anything. there are two sites that offer options to earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards to and other places as well. i use both of them and have been able to buy an external hard drive without paying a dime of my own money. check them out.

the first is mypoint. points can be earned when you make online purchases form various companies, like target, old navy, and newegg. points can also be earned when you read emails, respond to special offers, and take surveys. i don't typically respond to special offers or buy too many things online, but through all the other options i have racked up quite enough to get gift cards to amazon to cash in for photo supplies.

the other option is swagbucks. points are earned from doing your usual internet searches through their search engine. there are other ways to earn points, but i haven't used them. through this means, i was able to purchase a camera bag. good times.

if you would like to sign up for mypoints, let me know i will send you an email invite. if swagbucks is what you want to try, head on down to the bottom of my blog and click on the sign up tab of the widget.

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