Friday, June 12, 2009

nothing i like more friday - gilmore girls

my favorite tv show of all time is gilmore girls. i love the fast paced dialogue and all the pop culture references. when i get in a grove, my mind works in the same fashion. i would love to be able to vocalize all the pop culture trivia that pops into my head without appearing like a freak that talks to herself in public forums. it would also be nice to have a friend close by that was right there on the same wavelength as well. for now i'll just cherish the times where i felt that way with my sister and wish that she lived closer. i currently own 3 box sets of the 7 season series. my goal is to have all of them to just pop them in the dvd player whenever i need a little stars hollow charm. because i am cautious with my funds, i was sure to purchase the best seasons first. that is why i acquired 2 and 3 simultaneously followed by season 4. why these seasons? well, jess happens in season 2 then he and rory date in season 3. my all time favorite of rory's boyfriends is jess. don't try to convince me otherwise because i am very set in my ways. it just may be his love of books that really won me over. husband's love of books was a turn on initially. and it still is. season 4 follows on the scale of favorites because of the finale - luke and lorilai kiss and kirk runs past them naked because of a night terror. priceless. best scene of the entire series if you ask me. lately i've been watching it a lot. i still think it is a super bummer that the series ended.

p.s. don't fret sister of mine, alias and the oc closely follow in ranking. and we need to get sushi in july.

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