Tuesday, June 16, 2009

movie review tuesday - paul blart: mall cop

film: paul blart:mall cop
starring: kevin james
synopsis: mall cop takes his job seriously, even when he doesn't really have that much authority or respect from anyone. on black friday, the mall is taken over by crooks and it is blart's time to shine.
grade: b for busted up laughing

i rarely laugh out loud when it comes to tv and movies. my face hurt after this one because i was laughing so hard. kevin james won me over in hitch, and he proved himself even more in this one. he is just so easy to like. i'm pretty sure that pahud was the best character over all. "don't judge me." since i am really tired (long day), that is all i have on this one. final words: watch it. it is a happy madison film, so you know it is quality.

p.s. its clean humor.

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