Tuesday, April 21, 2009

movie review tuesday

this week for free redbox monday, bedtime stories was the movie of choice. i did not know what to expect because it was disney movie produced by adam sandler. i loved it! it doesn't take much to get me to watch an adam sandler film, he is another tv boyfriend, but whenever i watch one i think to myself "this is a great movie, but that scene/line was unnecessary." this movie was very true to his style and had all the actors who regularly appear in his films (rob schneider, allen covert, and jonathan loughran) but it did not have all the unnecessary things typical in his other films. it was refreshing. on redbox.com it says this movie got a B+, and i would concur. this one is fun for everybody.

if any of you use redbox to rent movies, were you aware that every monday there is a code that you can use for a free rental that day? i can post the code every monday if anyone is interested. or i can put a link to where i get the code on the side bar. i love free entertainment.


Blueyedmle said...

I love redbox. Unfortunately when I get the monday code and use is, I never end up watching the movie so I end up keeping it another day, then another, then another. All the sudden my free movie was 4 bucks. I think they do this on purpose. TRICKY!!! So I dont use my monday codes anymore.

Flying Princess said...

We watched it on Sunday (bad me) right after we ditched church but watched some Tivoed conference. I really liked it. I was amazed at how much the kids picked up. It seemed like they weren't paying attention and then Rex says "where's the hairy fat guy?" I guess kids really are like sponges.