Monday, February 23, 2009

aaaahhhh soooo...

i love sushi! for valentine's day, husband and i went out for a sushi dinner. we went to sakebomber sushi and grill. it was amazing! they had a very unusual menu - not the typical sushi rolls. it was because of their unusual selection that husband decided that he would order some sushi. he never orders sushi! here is my review of the food:
we ordered: stuffed shrimp - so amazing! very stuffed jumbo shrimp = very yes
he ordered: chimichanga roll - "maybe i could build her a cake or something"... they were yummy...
i ordered: crispy california roll and evil roll - man, oh man the crispy ones were so very yummy and the evil ones were so hot (eel with jalapenos!)

basically it was a great night full of great food. a shout out to my parents for watching the little man - holla!

we give sakebomber 10 out of 7 stars. if you have the means, i highly recommend picking some up. the sushi is so choice.

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