Monday, February 9, 2009

a little bit about me

a fellow blogger sent me the following questions to answer:

1. how did you and your husband meet? how long did you date before you were engaged, and how long were you engaged?
we meet in a college calculus class. he sat in the desk in front of me. i would often wore t-shirts that had references to bands or inside jokes, and he usually had something to say about my shirts. i thought it was cool that he knew guster and that he picked up on a ben kweller reference. he decided that the best way to get my undivided attention was by asking if i would help him study. little did he know that i took my math seriously, so tried other tactics to win my affection. we dated for two months, broke up and stayed friends for nine months, dated again for one month, got engaged, and married about 3 months later.

the shirts I wore:

2. what would you say gives you inspiration to do your best and keep trying?
i get a high from knowing a did a good job. and i love the feeling of completing a project. my college experience has been the most difficult project to complete, but i know that it will be a huge reward to know that i finished. i also believe that i am the only one who can control my happiness, and it is hard to be happy if i just give up.

3. what do you love most so far, about being a mom?
i love it when my baby smiles and laughs! and i love to watch his silly antics. watching him reach for my in-and-out shake was pretty exciting, too.

4. where is the farthest that you have traveled? (based on where you grew up)
in december of 2002 i was in new york city for about two days. it is about 2,466 miles from where i grew up - the furthest i've ever been from home. it was a very different experience for me. growing up in the southwest, i am used to lots of sun year round and a lot of wide open space. new york, in the winter, doesn't offer either one of those traits. i enjoyed riding the staten island ferry past the statue of liberty, eating at ocean's eleven pizza, visiting central park, riding the subway, seeing the temple before it was finished, and of course seeing many places that i had seen in the movies - like the tiffany & co from breakfast at tiffany's! the weather left much to be desired - it was what i have come to identify as "butt-nasty cold - so i would like to visit at a warmer time

5. what are some of your pet peeves?
gum stuck to the sidewalk, drivers that blast the bass on their stereos (especially in residential areas), unsolicited advice/opinions from complete strangers, blisters from dress shoes, and being woken up in the morning before my alarm goes off.

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