Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Little Mix Up

Instead of taking a picture of the patterns I mixed on Friday (which I totally wore, just ask Jen), I went to the zoo with the Boy and girls night with my cousins. I guess I could have just taken the picture on Saturday morning, but I played Just Dance 2 for 3 hours in those clothes plus slept in them as girls night turned into a sleep over and they stuck to high heaven by the time there was any natural light to speak of and a biohazard. That said, I mixed different patterns today to wear to church and that is what is represented in the post.

cardigan: thrifted, shirt: target, skirt: target, shoes: thrifted

In the picture, I am walking like an Egyptian. That is one of the dance moves I used while playing Just Dance. Did I mention my whole body hurts from playing that game? It was a workout that I will gladly do again, especially to the song Big Girl You are Beautiful by Mika.


Kelly Jo said...

Ah, LOVE Mika! He's one of my favs!
Cute outfit too! I REALLY like the pattern on that skirt!

Jen said...

Confirmed: multiple patterns were worn to the zoo.

Confession: I like this outfit better than the zoo one anyway. :)

Sarah in Indiana said...

A) Nice mix of patterns
2) I've never played Just Dance 2 (or one) but I'm familiar with the pain and joy of Michael Jackson: The Experience