Monday, January 30, 2012

Honest to Goodness it's the Absolute Ultimate!

Today's prompt of decades or regions sent my mind straight to Gidget and her California life in 1959. We are kindred spirits from different times. I looked at my closet and thought "What would the Gidge wear on a day like this?" and figured skinnies, sneakers, and a plaid button up - preferably Moondoggie's button up shirt if given the chance. Lucky for me I have a Moondoggie who owns with a button up shirt.

shirt: husbands-aeropostale, jeggings: old navy, shoes: thrifted converse

Being Gidget for the day was the absolute most to say the least.

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Sarah in Indiana said...

I love this outfit. Comfortably casual, but with a distinct style.