Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 15

I'm halfway through this challenge. Woohoo!

The Boy and I joined up with Jen and her babe to explore the Arizona Science Center yesterday. As we were leaving, we had an impromptu photo shoot. I love the movement in my skirt.

cardigan: thrifted, shirt: h&m, maxi: thrifted, shoes: thrifted

Funny story about this outfit: When I first got dressed, I had on jeans and planned to wear grey Chucks. Then I decided against it and put on the maxi and flats. Also, I was going to do a side braid in my hair on the drive over to the museum (in the passenger seat, of course). When I arrived at Jen's house she was wearing basically what I had been wearing, with a side braid. Is this the first time we have been twinners? No. Will it be the last? Probably not. Anne Shirley would probably say Jen and I are kindred spirits. I say we are awesome.

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