Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 10

The prompt today was about wearing a normally unworn piece of clothing. My first choice was a skirt that I hadn't worn in a year. Well, the zipper broke on it as I was putting it on and then I was stuck in it until Husband managed to help me out. Guess it was getting back at me for looking it over so much. I went back into our closet and found this shirt that I usually avoid because it's color is often overwhelming. I paired it with yesterday's skirt, partly because it cut down the overwhelming color and partly because other than yesterday, I hadn't worn it in a year. Also, I wore it again because I could. So there. The shoes I don't wear often either. So, it turns out, this is an outfit of orphans.

shirt: target, undershirt: downeast basics, skirt: homemade, shoes: khols


Amy said...

You should wear that shirt all of the time. I'm obsessed with yellows these days!

Kayla said...

Lydia! This is SO pretty. It gives you such a pretty hourglass shape!

Freckles in April

Rebekah said...

I love the colors of your outfit- it os lovely.