Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 19

Can I just apologize for the frumpsville picture from yesterday? Thanks. It was just one of those days. Today's prompt is about putting something on my head. I decided a headband was best, especially since all my hats are beanies and the high was 107 today. And since I babysat this morning and was spit up on, I changed my clothes and went with comfort. Wearing this outfit is like reliving the (sometimes-not-so) glory years of high school, except I'm wearing a skirt. I never wore a skirt in high school unless I had to, had to wear it. Anyway, I realize that I wore this skirt yesterday, but like Amy said on Day 2, "Two days in a row? At least it wasn't underwear."

headband: target, shirt: high school soccer team, undershirt: downeast basics, skirt: thrifted, shoes: thrifted converse

P.S. I'd show you a closer look of the headband, but the quality of my hair today has been questionable. Basically it is an elastic teal headband - same color as my skirt.

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Amy said...

Love it, and thanks for the shout out, it made me laugh.