Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 16

Today is about menswear. I had another outfit in mind that involved suspenders, but the thrift store didn't have any that I liked. Enter plan B: this shirt belongs to Husband, therefore this is menswear.

shirt: husband's closet, undershirt: urban outfitters, shorts: target, shoes: thrifted converse


Flying Princess said...

Can you do the suspender one on another day just for fun?

Natalie said...

I tried tying my shirt as well but couldn't pull it off. I love the look on you though!

Flying Princess said...

And I SWEAR that there is a picture of you somewhere from back when I was dressing you where you are in a similar outfit and the same pose.

Your hair may or may not have been poofier.

Just for fun, the verification word is rednegr. Hmm. Who comes up with these?!?