Monday, March 7, 2011

Arizona Wing of the CAF Museum

Last week's adventures with Adam's Dad took us to an airplane museum in Mesa. The Boy was in airplane heaven. There were lots to look at - large airplanes from wars past, miniatures of many military planes, war memorabilia, and a child sized toy plane.

Also, the museum is right next to/on Falcon Field, so there were planes taking off and landing in very close proximity to us. Every few minutes "Look! A airpain!" or "Uhr airpain!" could be heard from our party.

The icing on the cake was when we (me and the Boy) got to go inside one of the large planes. Adam's Dad opted out due the the eerie-ness of being in a plane that many young men died while flying. The Boy was oblivious to this and I loved visiting Alcatraz, so eerie-ness in history doesn't affect me in the same manner. It was incredible to see the size of the compartments where gunners sat. Talk about being claustrophobic. I am grateful for the men that serve and have served in the armed forces for sure.

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