Friday, September 3, 2010

Simply Delicious

I ate so much good food while in New York City. And of course I took a picture of it all. I thought I'd compile all the eatery into one post, so you can visually see the variety.

Tokubei 86 - This cute little place was very inviting. I loved the atmosphere and the food just increased the charm. Every dish was new to me, except the eel and cucumber roll. They were all good except the sea urchin. That is a flavor, or texture, I'm not wanting to experience anytime soon.

Chicken Roll-age (this is totally it's real name)

Eel and Cucumber Roll plus some Uni Sea Urchin

Barley Tea

Keste Pizza & Vino - Best pizza I have ever had. This place is owned and operated by Italians, and they are very firm in preserving the integrity of their food. My friend asked for more basil and was denied for that very purpose. I liked that about them. Don't worry about mispronouncing anything on the menu, the waiter will teach you the proper way.



Popbar - Gelato on a stick? Yes, please!

Midnight Express Diner - My friend mentioned chocolate croissants, and I was craving them hard core. Unfortunately when we set out to find one, all the bakeries were closed. Fortunately we found this 24 hour-ish diner that had stuffed crepes. Next best thing, right?

Banana and Nutella Crepe

Joe's Shanghai Restaurant - Their Dumplings are AMAZING! Sister and I wanted to order eel, but they were all out, so we thought calamari with black bean sauce would be the next best thing. Wrong. It left our mouths on fire. Not what we were expecting from Chinatown dining.

Pork dumplings

Fresh Calamaries with Spicy Black Bean Sauce

Tea-riffic Cafe - This place is ultra trendy and ultra popular. My friend said it has the best boba in Chinatown. I've got no complaints on the taste. The only problem I had was how crowded it was, but it was Chinatown.

Taro Bubble Smoothie

Shake Shack - I'd heard good things about this place before my trip, so when I found out that one had just opened up a few blocks away from where I was staying it had to be visited. The Shack-cago dog rocked my world, the fries were great, and the shake was decent. The ShackBurger was good, but it has nothing on In-n-Out. The thing I loved about Shake Shack, other than the design and decor, was the people watching it provided. Roller derby girl, complete with fro, jacket and 70s short shorts? I'll take it.

Shack-cago Dog, fries, and Black & White shake


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lauren said...

Joe Shanghai is my favorite place in all of New York. The dumplings are too good for words!