Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dream A Little Dream

For the sake of documenting, I'd like to share a dream I recently had.

It started out in Mesa, AZ. Husband had quit his job because he received a good offer from an old employer. This job took us back to Provo, UT. We moved overnight, telling no one, and settled in nicely to a new apartment. Somehow we landed in a ward with Cjane, she told me we were related, and were BFFs right off the bat. And then I realized that I needed to call Dani ASAP since we were living in the same town yet again. I woke up before I called.

Here is a list of what was odd:
*there was a job in Provo better than one here
*Husband desired to live in UT again
*I agreed to move back to snow country
*We told no one of the move, not even my parents who live nearby
*Who helped us load a truck? The Boy and I would have been basically useless
*Cjane was in my dream (I must stop blogging before bed)
*Cjane and I were related - turns out Husband was one of her (long lost) brothers and I was her (long lost) SIL
*Why didn't I call my brother first?
*Another funny detail - My mind invented the term "sister ward" which means two wards who are not close geographically, but share things and do exchanges with each other much like sister cities. This new ward in UT was the sister ward to my parents' ward, so their bishop was present on my first Sunday. Familiar, yet mind-blowing. As if this dream were normal in any way.

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Dani said...

And we were so excited you guys were here! Now your gone. Again. *sniff*