Monday, August 16, 2010

Brooklyn Flea

My first night in New York City took me to an antique/thrift store in Manhattan. While my friend was looking for a cowbell to incorporate into her band, I looked at their camera selection. They has some interesting finds, but no dual lenses. The owner was chatty and told me that if I was only in town for a short time then I should check out the a local flea market to find what I was looking for. He will be forever my hero for making the suggestion. It has been a week and I am still swooning over the Brooklyn Flea. Everywhere I looked I found vintage goodness. My eyes were feasting on all the wonderful finds. If I could locate something similar here in AZ, I would frequent it often.


vintage camera explosion

kodak dualflex II


junk box

our feet

back to school

misplaced memories

throw in some chucks

take a seat

my only hope

polyester dream


story time

tune out

the 80s speak

world's largest source of natural gas

P.S. I did find a dual lens camera there to suit my needs. More on that later.


Teachinfourth said...

I have been there! You could find just about anything, too. Unfortunately, I got there right before everything was closing up so missed out on a lot, but it was sure amazing.

Flying Princess said...

I wish I would have been there for that, but with hubby out of town and three little kiddies (meow!) in tow it probably would have been much less pleasant. "Don't touch that!" "Get back here!" "Belle, where did you go?" Good times.

We'll have to do it together next time.