Thursday, July 15, 2010

Panini Goodness

As recommended by the owner of Smeeks, my friend and I checked out a little cafe near by for lunch. Postino winecafe has a great menu of light and delicious sandwiches and salads. I ordered the Turkey Panini with a Mediterranean Salad.

Oh man. So good. When I ordered I asked the waiter which option of bread - focaccia and ciabatta - was less greasy, he gave me a look like I was beyond crazy for asking. He replied that they both were not greasy at all. At delis I've been to before, the focaccia bread is usually oily and makes me feel about as greasy as if I had just eaten a greasy deep dish pizza. I chose to go with the focaccia and was pleasantly surprised at the lack of oily-ness. And I cannot even say enough how perfect the salad tasted. If you are like me and need a few reasons to drive all the way to North Phoenix, get yourself some candy and a great sandwich on the side. Excellent afternoon don't you think? It totally was.

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