Monday, February 1, 2010

Higher Than A Kite

A few Sundays ago, I arrived at my parents house and found my brother super hyper and talking a mile a minute. Mom said he had been like that most of the afternoon and if she didn't know any better, she would bet that that someone gave him a Coke. At the dinner table, I asked Brother if he had had some soda lately. He said yes. Dad asked if he had Root Beer (which happened to be in the fridge). Mom asked him if someone at his group home gave him some soda. He replied with no to both and followed up with "I had my favorite - Coke." Then he divulged that he found a bottle of Coke in the basement and drank the whole thing. Oh how Husband and I laughed. Now you need to know that my parents rarely buy soda. The root beer in the fridge was left over from root beer floats on New Years. The only other soda in the house is left over from the last time my sister and her family came to visit. My brother-in-law loves to stock up the house with his favorite beverages because he knows no one else will drink them. The Coke was indeed left from his stash. Who knew that such a small bottle of a caffeinated beverage would bring such and enjoyable Sunday dinner.

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Flying Princess said...

Even better...this was from not the last time we visited (summer 2009), not even the last Christmas we were there (2008), but the PREVIOUS Christmas that we spent in AZ.

I mean, we're talking 2006!

The only place in our house where Coke has that long of a shelf-life is in "the collection."

Great stories.