Thursday, February 11, 2010

Change and melt

I've received many questions about my announcement of a diet change. The reason for the switch is based on my need to focus on incorporating more fruits and veggies into my family's diet. I guess I didn't really think things through before I spoke, because it turns out there is a better term to use for the plan. To clarify, I'm focusing on a flexitarian diet. We love In-N-Out burgers and Sonoran hot dogs too much to ever be able to fully commit to a vegetarian diet. Plus we getting invited over for dinner and we don't want to be difficult when people are generous.

This past week, I went grocery shopping at Fresh&Easy and was greeted by a bounty of produce in their discount section. I stocked up with the goal to use it up in lots of yummy vegetarian friendly dishes this week. Since most of the produce was slightly an impulse buy, I came home and was missing various ingredients to cook any recipe I found that day. I decided to just wing it and make something up. It turned out pretty good.

Open-face mushroom veggie melt

2 T olive oil
8 oz white mushrooms, sliced
1 medium
2 tomatoes, seeded and diced
1 slice of bread
1 slice of baby Swiss cheese

On medium-high, stir fry mushrooms, squash, and tomatoes in olive oil until mushrooms are dark. Toast bread. Put part of the mushroom mixture on the toast and top with cheese. The mushroom mixture makes lots of servings. I only ate one and used the rest in another recipe.

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