Monday, December 7, 2009

on the town monday - asu art museum and downtown tempe

on saturday, there were art festivals galore! there were at least 3 that i was aware of, but seems to me there must have been more. for the sake of time and location, i only attended the ones on mill avenue in north tempe. my first stop was the asu art museum where they were hosting indie chic @ tenth street. i was in awe of all the talent there selling their creations. i felt bad because i didn't think i had enough money to buy any wares, but honestly i think all the beautiful things i saw on display were worth more the $10 cash i had on hand. everything was just so beautiful.

the second place i attended was the festival of the arts downtown. there were so many vendors! again, most of the stuff was way beyond my budget, but i was very tempted by some children's toys and some of the food that smelled super delicious. there was a man who really caught my attention playing the accordian and selling cds. i really wanted to stop and just listen to him for hours, but because no one else was doing that and i didn't want to be singled out to be persuaded to buy a cd, i just kept walking. live accordion music is magical.

i really like that people have a venue to sell their handmade goods. and i really enjoy window shopping at those venues. the indie chic and festival of the arts did not disappoint. unfortunately i forgot my camera and you will just have to take my word on the beauty of the art.

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