Thursday, December 17, 2009

eat your heart out thursday - best wafer cookie ever

last week i went to ranch markets to buy some $0.98/lb bone-in chicken breast. it was in the evening and the place was packed. the meat counter was chaotic and i could handle all the people around me. so where did i go? i went to the cookie aisle and in a moment of desperation, i made an impulse buy. a package of wafer cookies called out to me. i picked it up, headed to the check out, made my purchase and left the store. this week the bone-in chicken breast is $0.68/lb. i owe that package of wafer cookies a lot because it encourage me to leave the store and try again later. like when the chicken was cheaper. the money i saved helped me justify buying 2 more packaged of cookies. did i mention that these wafer cookies taste like hot chocolate? amazing!

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Elisa said...

Nope, gotta go to Russia. BEST wafer cookies ever. And you know how I feel about packaged cookies... ;) Glad yours rocked, though.