Friday, November 20, 2009

nothing i like more friday - purple

the other day while getting dressed i decided to teach baby the name of some colors. i started by pulling out a t-shirt and telling him it was purple. he apparently liked the sound of it and repeated "pur-poe" for a good while. that was the end of our lesson on colors because i couldn't think of another color that was more exciting to hear him say. we continued our day with random acts of "pur-poe" thrown in for good measure. whether or not he can recognize the color doesn't really matter because he mastered that word like a pro.


Dani said...

I love the way they pronounce some words, and even more so when they say something and your like "Where did you learn that?" or "Never heard you say that before." :D

Lauren Kristine said...

Has my mom told you about how when I was super little (probably Rigby's age, even) I was totally obsessed with purple? It was like a disease.