Thursday, November 19, 2009

eat your heart out thursday - my big fat greek restaurant

for my birthday dinner, husband and i took a little trip to downtown tempe via the orbit to eat greek. it was pretty amazing.

because it was a special occasion, we order an appetizer. behold greek fries:

every bite was an explosion of flavors! i can only remember feta and dijon mustard were toppings, but obviously there were more. our waiter commented on the amount of fries on the plate and said "they hooked [us] up" in the kitchen. thank you kitchen crew!

husband order a grilled chicken salad.

it was delicious.

i order vegetarian moussaka.

lets be honest, this was inspired by the movie and the "moose ca-ca" line. i was really excited to try it, but my first bite was disappointing. it wasn't because of the cooking, it was because i tasted a familiar flavor that i have eliminated from my diet: cinnamon. husband didn't think that was right, so i ate some more trying to figure out what i didn't like about the flavor. i really wanted to like moussaka, but i only ate about 3 bites of it before i gave up on it. the rest of the dish was tasty - especially the rice. yum!

the portion sizes were ginormous, so we went home with 3 boxes in a very large doggy bag. we went back to my parent's house (where baby was playing) and i told mom and dad to both try the moussaka to see if they could taste what i did. they detected the taste i was referring to, but couldn't really name it. mom tracked down a recipe and i was right! cinnamon is usually used, along with all-spice, another nemesis of mine. as it turns out, moussaka and i were never meant to be. guess i'll just have to stick with greek fries!


Publius said...

Well, for the sake of the movie, I'm glad you gave moussaka a token first date.
Also, I think my inability to detect the hidden poison might have had something to do with the vinegar and red cabbage I was having. Like Elder Scott's talk last month.
Next year we will celebrate not only your birthday, but also the 1st anniversary of Greek fries.

Stephanie said...

Yum! I love greek food. Especially gyros. :)