Friday, November 13, 2009

nothing i like more friday - new addition to camera collection

i have a polaroid camera collection. most cameras are ones that take film that is readily available. this week i received a new addition to my collection that may become the most used one. introducing the mio:

it uses fuji instax mini film. since fuji is currently producing a camera that uses this film, it is very available. i have yet to locate it in a local store, but it is everywhere online. the photos come out the top and are the size of a credit card. one thing i absolutely love about fuji film is their true-ness to color. have i mentioned how excited i am to have this camera? because i really am. ever since i discovered it's existance and compatiblity to instax mini film, i have been scouring all the thrift stores in my area hoping to find it. no luck in that plan of action. i tracked it down on ebay and was amazed when i won the auction for such a low price (comparative to all the other auctions). hooray for instant film!


Dani said...

Thats really fun!

Jen said...

What a cute little toy. Me gusta.