Thursday, November 12, 2009

eat your heart out thursday - mango mexican cafe

last night, husband and i went out on a date. we ate at a little place in downtown mesa. in my head, i figured this was going to be another run of the mill hole in the wall mexican food restaurant that tasted like filbertos or betos. mango mexican cafe is sooooo much more. the party in my mouth started from the first bite of salsa and is still happening. seriously - i am still savoring that killer burrito i devoured hours later.

the salsa was superior to any i have ever tasted before. it was fresh and had the perfect level of heat. after all the chips were gone, i wanted to drink the rest. husband convinced me that course of action would be a little extreme, so i refrained.

the killer burrito shocked me even more than the salsa. most burritos lack any flavor when it come to the meat. the chicken in this burrito was jam packed with flavor! that first bite was a love fest to my taste buds. the most amazing thing about this burrito was that it was light. after downing that thing in minutes, i was left super satisfied and sans gut bomb.

husband had a fish burrito. it is a very typical move for him to get something fishy when we eat out mexican. mango threw a curve ball though, and offered something special to their fish filled options. please note that having grown up in so cal, husband loves all things citrus. there were chunks of orange wrapped in that tortilla, along with yummy fish and cabbage. fish and citrus? yes please!

i'm pretty sure i will be dreaming about the killer burrito for days. mango mexican cafe is - hands down - my new favorite mexican food spot.


Blueyedmle said...

If I understand my facts correctly, Mangos is part of the Tia Rosa family of mexican food restaurants... I believe Rosa's was too but was bought out.
All I can say is YUMM-OH! I love their salsa.

One Cluttered Brain said...

Are YOU in Mesa Arizona?
WOW! I'm in Mesquite NV. Probably still a ways off...but we are still in warmer climates...YEH! No SNOW for US!
Thanks for stopping by and having a look at my VLOG. And for commenting. I never knew how many takes it would take to get it OUT there. WHEW! I'm tired just thinking about it.
Not you got me craving mexican. YUm-O!

The book I am writing, part of it anyway is set in Arizona. Can U tell me something? can you find Oak trees in AZ? One of my characters hid behind an oak tree...Reasonable?

one more thing, what was your last name? Can't remember. You taught the 11 yr olds right?

Wish we got to know each other better before U moved..ahh well. There is ALWAYS blogging, email, twitter, facebook, U name it, I'm on it. Are you on any of these websites? If so let me know via email ok?
oneclutteredbrain (at) gmail(dot) com