Friday, November 27, 2009

nothing i like more friday - i am thankful

in the spirit of the thanksgiving, i'd like to take a moment to express gratitude for blessings in my life.

i am thankful for:
*a husband who loves me and does the dishes
*a happy and healthy baby who says "don tho"
*being near family who will play with baby while i do homework
*family far away that make an effort to keep in touch and provide nice vacation spots
*living in a place where i can wear shorts the week of thanksgiving because it is 75 degrees outside
*the opportunity to finish out my degree online
*a computer that works and a powercord connection that is baby proof
*friends that don't miss a beat after being away for a long time
*my camera collection, the creative outlet it provides, and memories it helps me capture
*modern medicine and all the options available because of it
*the ability to cook food that people want to eat
*the baby bike seat so my family can go on a bike ride all together
*having the gospel in my life and a testimony of it's truths
*those who read my blog and especially those who comment (hint, hint)

i hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and found lots to be thankful for.


Publius said...

All right, now I'm on the list TWICE!!!

If I may, I'd like to add Yo Gabba Gabba to the list, and the calming effect it's currently having on a certain dancing baby.

Jen said...

I am thankful that you let me borrow your child periodically. Some people's kids make me never want to have my own. Rigby is not one of those kids.

Dani said...