Tuesday, November 10, 2009

movie review tuesday - the phantom

film: the phantom
starring: billy zane and kristy swanson
synopsis: the phantom, descendant of a line of african heroes, travels to new york to thwart a criminal genius.
grade: b-

this movie is amazing! billy zane is in a purple spandex-type super suit - that alone should hook you. it takes place during the 1930s and is kind of indiana jones-esque by way of treasure hunting in foreign lands. the phantom character is completely bazaar but no matter how horrible the lines in the script were, billy zane made then so charming. lines like "i was born right here in this cave." and letting his love interest know that he wanted her to come live with him in the cave and birth babies there came off endearing more than super creepy. if you are in need of a light-hearted action film with some slightly horrifying death scenes (don't mess with the three skulls and the phantom or you will get burned), check it out.

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